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Tales to Astonish #063 © January 1965, Marvel Comics

Tales to Astonish #063 © January 1965, Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © January 1965, Tales to Astonish #63.


The story "The Gangsters and the Giant!".  The police ask Giant-Man and the Wasp to stop the Wrecker and his gang who have been strong-arming business owners in Brooklyn.

Characters:  Giant-Man [Henry Pym]; Wasp [Janet Van Dyne]; Wrecker [Frank Smith] (first appearance, villain); Rocky; John


The story "A Titan Rides the Train!".  The Leader ponders his origins as he prepares to send his powerful Humanoid to confront the Hulk. Although he is under suspicion for being in collusion with the Hulk, Banner is sent by train to escort one of his nuclear devices with Talbot keeping a close eye on him. The Humanoid attacks the train and Hulk fights the creature off. The nuclear device falls off the train in the skirmish and when Talbot goes to retrieve it, he finds Banner next to it in nothing but a pair of ripped pants. Bruce is jailed as a traitor.

Characters:  Hulk [Bruce Banner]; Thunderbolt Ross; Glenn Talbot; Chameleon [Dmitri Smerdyakov]; Leader (1st full; origin); Humanoid (introduction)

Script: Stan Lee    Pencils: Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Carl Burgos    Inks: Chic Stone


This book appears (g/vg 30), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear & tear. The book got wet, still a good reader copy.  Thanks for looking.     0060-9407-30

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