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Tales to Astonish #060 © October 1964 Marvel

Tales to Astonish #060 © October 1964 Marvel

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Marvel Comics © October 1964, Tales to Astonish #68. This is a UK import. 

The Beasts of Berlin!  When Henry learns that an old buddy has been captured behind the Iron Curtain, he heads off to East Berlin to mount a rescue; Using both the powers of Giant-Man and Ant-Man Hank rescues Lee and destroys the ray the reds are using to create hyper-intelligent gorillas.

Starring  Giant-Man [Henry Pym; also as Ant-Man]; Wasp [Janet van Dyne]; GUEST: Lee Kearns; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Maria Trovaya (Henry's 1st wife)

 The Incredible Hulk!  Bruce creates an indestructable robot which is able to withstand the power of a nuclear blast but the stress of completing it on schedule causes him to transform into the Hulk and he leaves this massive weapon of awesome power unattended; So of course, a foreign spy who has been hanging around gamma base looking for just such an opportunity jumps into the robot and takes off (Geez, those guys need better security or maybe a better screening process for applications); The Hulk tries to stop the robot but can't and once he is worn out from the battle, he transforms back into Banner; Found lying in the desert by Ross and Betty, Bruce vows to build a bigger and better robot to take down the first one.

Starring  Hulk [Bruce Banner]; GUESTS: Thunderbolt Ross; Betty Ross; VILLAIN: Banner Bot

Works by Scritp:  Stan Lee     Pencils:  Steve Ditko     Inks:  Paul Reinman, George Roussos [as George Bell]

This book appears (g 25), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear & tear.  the book is in rough condtion, "beat but complete" as they say.  Thanks for looking.     0062-1301-25

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