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Tales to Astonish #101 © March 1968 Marvel Comics

Tales to Astonish #101 © March 1968 Marvel Comics

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Marvel  Comics © March 1968,  Tales to Astonish #101.  The story is "...and Evil Shall Beckon!". The  Atlanteans abandon the second Atlantis. Namor goes to the Antarctic and finds  Destiny hidden below the ice Characters:   Sub-Mariner [Namor]; Destiny; Lady Dorma; Warlord Seth Works by:   Script: Archie Goodwin    Pencils: Gene Cola    Inks: Dan Adkins

Where Walk the  Immortals!, Loki pulls the Hulk to Asgard to fight his father's forces. The Hulk  battles the Warriors Three but in a moment of rare clarity, they discover that  the jade giant is not really their enemy and refuse Loki's invitation to finish  him off. Angered by his failure, Loki casts the Hulk into a bottomless pit.   Characters:  Hulk [Bruce Banner]; Heimdall; Odin; Warriors Three [Hogun;  Fandral; Volstagg]; Loki  Works by:  Script Stan Lee      Pencils Marie Severin     Inks Frank Giacoia


This book appears  (f/vf 66), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear and tear.  Thanks for looking.     5352-1903-66

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